The Experience

Our company is always dedicated to offering our customers the best experience ever by providing certain services that makes us stand out from the crowd. That is why in this section we’d like to give you a walk-through of the overall process when you pick us.

Contact and Info: This is the root of every good relation.

When you contact us, you will receive a prompt and friendly response by one of our representatives which will help through the process of picking packages that suit your needs as well as personalizing them for your particular occasion, whether that be a wedding, session or any other kind of event. Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive more detailed information.

The day of the event: Finally the day has arrived.

Many people decide to do a previous recon trip to make sure everything on their special day is perfect. This is why we are available for meetings to reassure you that everything will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner by the photographer/videographer who will assist you from day one. Then, during your most important day, you’ll receive the friendliest and funnest experience, while immortalizing the moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life with beautifully crafted images.

The goods: Here come the memories.

After you enjoyed your perfect day and the sunny beaches that the Dominican Republic has to offer, one of our representative will give you an appointment to meet and go over pictures, videos and any other item included in the picked package to make sure every last detail is taken care of.

The extras we offer aside of photographs and video vary from books, slideshows, online access with personalized content and printed pictures.

In this section we would like to show you some of the extras that can’t really be explained in a better way than to show you.

Personalized Customer Access:

This is our personal favorite and comes included with every “Plus” package we offer. During the meeting after the event, you will be assigned a username and password so that the content will remain private and you’ll be able to give access only to friends and family to share the overall experience with them.


As well as the pictures, videos and all other services we offer, books are completely personalized from the cover to the content, using different templates and styles to create something unique that accommodates your needs, whether that be a book with hard or soft cover, smaller or bigger format, classy or colorful content. All the pictures that go with it are picked during the meeting and since we are a company based of Dominican Republic, we design the book itself in-house, but outsource the printing to a United States company to make sure the quality is always top notch and the shipping process is not a hassle.
Below, you are able to appreciate an example of the final product that you’ll receive.


Would you like to show your memories without flipping pages, printed photographs or mouse clicks? This is what you need. Our slideshows are completely customized with music of your choice and created in a way that you can just pop it in your computer or dvd player and just sit back, relax and enjoy as well as add a new depth to the emotions that those images produce. Below is an example of a slideshow. For bandwidth reasons the example has lower quality. The final product retains maximum quality achieved by DVD.

Printed Pictures:

If you are old fashioned and like to create your own photo book we are able to print picked pictures in any format, style and finish available using high quality paper and top quality printing process. So if you’d like to have your picture printed in black and white, with borders, on matte or glossy paper or in big sizes we are able to do that.

The follow up: Even when you are back home we still care.

This is one of the things that distinguish our company from many others. Our commitment to your satisfaction is always a priority so if any assistance is required even months after your special day we will be there. Need a new copy of your book? Just contact us. Need a new copy of your video? Just contact us. Need anything else or just have doubts about something? Just contact us and we will assist you the same way we do with a new customer.

All of the products mentioned above including pictures and videos are except books will be delivered to you before leaving the country. In special cases like leaving the day after the event we will keep in touch and deliver the material in a timely manner. Shipping and handling costs might apply.

For any other questions you are welcome to contact us from the Contact section of the site.

This is our commitment to you.


Contact us today to learn more about our wedding photography and videography services.