Video Portfolio

Wedding videography was once considered a luxury; however, a lot of couples are now considering it to be an essential element in their wedding. A quality wedding video, like photography, will prove to be a very special keepsake that you can enjoy for years. We offer two different styles of wedding videos: Journalistic (Documentary) Style or Cinematic Style.

Journalistic or the documentary style

Will document the events at your wedding. These events will be edited to showcase them as they occur to maintain the continuity of the events. Your event will be shot through one camera, mostly from a single view point. This editing style is known to produce a very polished documentation of your wedding day the way it unfolds. This is really nice when you want to relive the entire experience from moment for moment. This video style is fantastic for telling the story, experiencing emotion, and being able to share that story with others.

Wedding cinematography

Is a new trend in videography. We call them ‘wedding films’ to set them apart from other styles. In short, cinematography is defined as making a wedding film or movie.

To create a cinematic style video, several HD cameras (along with steady cam, slider, and off camera lighting) will be used to catch multiple angles and perspectives (example: one camera on the bride walking down the aisle, an other on the groom’s face to capture his reaction, and one more on the guests watching the entrance of the bride). This will allow us to create a very realistic and interesting look to our cinematography video.

The footage is captured and then edited to provide a dramatic mood and effect. Usually, the final video will present a “wow” factor and a unique style not achievable by simply documenting the event.

Editing for this type of video is a complex process, because they are edited like motion pictures; however, the final result will be comparable to big budget movies.